Live chat is now popular on many websites. It provides immediate online assistance to users of a website. Adding a live chat to your website would be very useful to generate more leads and drive sales.

It would be a shame to deprive yourself of this type of functionality, as its utility is important and its installation simple!

Many companies offer live chat software, and we describe in this article our favorite one, PureChat.

Why PureChat?

Very good question! Here the reasons why PureChat is our favorite live chat software:

  • This company has existed for many years and is a pioneer in its field
  • They have an excellent dashboard for the administrator: clear, functional and complete
  • It’s very easy to integrate the widget on your website: there are plugins for WordPress and Drupal
  • It’s free!! and there is no ads.
  • They have an app (also free) so you can reply directly from your phone, not only your desktop
  • Your PureChat account can be connected to Zapier: you can get an alert on another device when a new conversation is starting, import your visitors to MailChimp as subscribers, create a ticket in Zendesk, etc.
  • You can translate almost any string in the widget in your own language