End-to-end Encryption from your website to your mobile phone with Gravity Forms and ProtonMail

End-to-end Encryption from your website to your mobile phone with Gravity Forms and ProtonMail

At wp2pgpmail, we have long sought how to receive notifications from a website to a mobile phone with end-to-end encryption. We thought of Telegram, WhatsApp, XMPP, Jabber, etc. but none of this software was both enough secure and easy to set up with Gravity Forms.

And we finally found the best solution: ProtonMail. It’s secure mailbox which is able to receive transparently PGP encrypted e-mails. They have a mobile app, so it’s very convenient to receive e-mails on a mobile phone.

So, if you already receive a PGP encrypted e-mail with Gravity Forms, here what you can do to be also able to read the notification on your mobile phone:

  • Create a free ProtonMail mailbox
  • Add the PGP Public Key of this new e-mail address in Gravity Forms PGP Encrytion
  • Create a new notification in your encrypted form in Gravity Forms to this new e-mail address (actually, it’s possible to have unlimited recipients with Gravity Forms PGP Encryption)
  • When a secure form is submitted, you receive a notification on your regular mailbox and another one on your ProtonMail mailbox. You can decrypt the message on your regular mailbox on your desktop, and you can also read the message on your phone with ProtonMail.

How to set up Gravity Forms PGP Encrytion with ProtonMail?

Here the steps:

  1. Create a new ProtonMail Account at https://protonmail.com/signup ; the Free Plan is fine
  2. Once your mailbox is created, get your Public PGP Key from Settings => Keys => Download Public Key ; you will get a text file with your Public Key inside
  3. Add this PGP Public Key to Gravity Forms PGP Encryption

  4. In the secure form of Gravity Forms, go to the Notification Settings, and create a new notification to your ProtonMail address ; don’t forget to add [encrypted] to the subject
  5. Install the ProtonMail mobile app on your phone: Android App or iOS App

The result

Here an example of notification on the mobile phone:

The message is decrypted on your phone, this is real end-to-end encryption!